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"Hey, Good People!"

Welcome to InSession Candles!

As a licensed therapist, I work with clients that do critical work to restructure their lives in ways that best serve the healthy lifestyle they deserve. "Self-Care" has become a culture clichè that so many people use so loosely without understanding the true definition. Although self-care is in the dictionary and has a universal definition, the meaning and process of actual self-care and how that looks for you can only be defined by you.

Whether through boundaries, self-love or days and time to yourself, I provide scented reminders to you of the work you are doing and the importance of it. May these candles serve as scented reminders that your work towards a better lifestyle is not in vain. Your commitment to live the life you deserve is to be celebrated and supported. Allow these candles to peek into your future and serve you with a message from the person you are striving to become... That message is... "Thank You!" You are worthy and I thank you for making this investment into your work through my candles!

Curnesia Bogans, LMFT (she/her/hers)
Owner | CEO
InSession Candles, LLC